Red Deer

Red Deer

Our largest wild mammal, the Red deer, has called the Highlands of Scotland its home for centuries and the art of hunting them features heavily in the culture and heritage of the Scottish people.  

With West Highland Hunting, it is possible to hunt these majestic creatures from well managed herds in some of the most dramatic scenery in the Scottish Highlands.  Typically, this is a selective hunt, taking animals that are past their prime.  It is an all day affair which is spot and stalk and involves spending the day in the rugged Scottish Highlands carefully stalking your quarry.  

Your trip to the Highlands helps us manage this iconic resource, provides employment and a local healthy food sources and keeps the herd in prime condition.  

We adhere to all best practice guidelines and carefully manage the deer to produce sporting trophies only taken past their breeding best. We have a healthy population that is stable and invested in on an annual basis.

For available dates and a detailed package offer, please contact us.

Our season for red stags:           1 Jul – 1 Nov

Open season for red hinds:       21 Oct – 15 Feb