Hunting Tourism

What is Hunting Tourism?

There are centuries of history and tradition behind deer stalking in Scotland and it is an excellent way to get to know why we hunt, the principles of hunting, the wildlife of Scotland and the environment.  

Scotland has successfully developed hunting as a  well-regulated, legalised form of tourism which is both viable and lucrative.  Not only has it created jobs but it has also sustained communities and protected vast expanses of land.

The concept of hunting to encourage conservation seems antithetical, but, as AJ DeRosa, a sustainability hunter and Creative Director of Dangerous Cow Publishing, said: “The idea of hunting something to save something is not a far-fetched concept: North America’s entire conservation model is built on it.”

Hunting animals attaches a certain financial worth to them, which therefore raises the value of their natural habitat. This in turn creates an economic incentive for landowners to protect their environment.   Equally, it prevents the land from being developed for agriculture, which, as WWF stresses on its website, “is probably the greatest threat to the variety of life on this planet today”.